Raja Petra Under Investigation:Section 112 Penal Code

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

An update from Bobjots; http://www.bobjots.org

Raja Petra was NOT DETAINED by police

Where was he then from 11.30 am? 11.30am till 7.15 pm he was at Dang Wangi Police District

Why? Giving a statement to the police

Why it took so long? Possible theories;

Slow typist, Police couldn’t understand simple English or Malay (hey hey no snickering ok? Respect…respect), Hearing problem? Perhaps the police were on a different wavelength bloggers are on FM they are on AM. Can’t blame them right? Pity them…

And of course we have our every so famous theory of INTIMIDATION ( I guess they don’t realize that we have heard of that one before…hehhehe..Eh….respect k or you’ll be next!)

What was is all about?

Apparently he is being investigated under Section 112 of the Penal Code. ( You have to give them a pat on their back right at least they learned from their last mistake??(arrest and then talk) 🙂 So so far he is not in the woods yet as investigations are being carried out, so let’s just stay strong and not fall for the intimidation techniques, after all they have been used many a time…


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