Hitting BELOW THE BELT!Raja Petra at Dang Wangi Police HQ

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

According to Bobjots Raja Petra was summoned to be at the police station today morning to give a statement. He arrived at 11.30am with his wife and is reported to be still at police station. There has been a call for all bloggers to come together to support Raja Petra outside the Dang Wangi police headquarters in Jln Stadium,KL where he is currently.Bloggers are asked to come and support this fight against the latest attempt of the government in restricting freedom of speech and expression

Where? Dang Wangi, Police HQ, Jln Stadium KL

When? Now

Why? Raja Petra has been summoned to appear and has been there since 11.30 am since the last blog entry tell us at 3.58pm courtesy of Bobjots


For those who are in KL do support this cause and please keep those of us who are not updated on what’s happening.Thanks!!!

  1. Sayangmalaysia says:

    Dear Raja, I have only read your letters & comments recently; mainly thro’ the kind services of my email friends. Prior to that I had already given up hope of a change in govt. in Malaysia or, at best, a change in the attitude & governance of the country [I loved & still loved]. But now lokking thro’ all the independent sites i.e. your’s, Din Merican’s, the malaysian insider etc. etc., I now come to realise that there are fair minded people, unselfish & totally committed to the betterment of the country, it’s ethnic mix & above all, the hope of effective governance of tolerance, fair play & a fair & independent judiciary. I am extremely happy that one day the bad old days of the MAMK & his kind might be forever gone. At least, people are now realising that they “people power” to finally cause a change; a good change for all.

    U have been sacrificing your goodself [ family members have done so too] for so many years under so much torture & pain under the past & present corrupt govrnments fighting for a just cause. To this I applaud U. I deeply pain for U too. May this horrendous period of harassment & torture be replaced one day with truimph & victory. Maybe I call on U at such time & we can have a drink or two. I admire your courage dear friend. May ALLAH be with U & Bless U.

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