“First They Came ” via jeffooi.com

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Uncategorized

Jeff Ooi blog entry was quite interesting for it used the poem “First they came” to illustrate the continued journey of bloggers in Malaysia from early 2004 right up to mid-2007 at jeffooi.com

The said poem is attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller as stated in jeffooi.com. Just to elaborate a little further on the poem which I found very intriguing.

“First They Came”

Translation of the 1976 version

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

*Concerns the inactivity of German intellectual following Nazi rise to power and the purging of chosen targets, group after group. The said poem is said to be quoted often as it describes the dangers of political apathy, as it often begins with specific and targeted fear and hatred which soon escalates out of control (Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_they_came)

I guess that is what will happen to all of us bloggers if we do not stand up for each other. The poem has really deep meanings and that Pastor guy- I really salute! Such a touching poem, I think I’m going to have to right it down and post it somewhere on my working area just to remind me each day that the struggle of freedom is the struggle of all it’s not one man’s fight. Have to say thanks to Jeff for if it was not for him, I would have never known about this poem.

Seen but not heard

Image by: Michael Mucci


P.s: Found the picture to be very fitting with what they are trying to do to us bloggers!

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