Eat..Sleep…Drink..Think..Dream BLOGS

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Personal ramblings


I’m so exhausted, all I ever do every day has in one way or another associated with bloggers, being a blogger myself, writing a blog, reading blogs, reading-READINGS- on blogs, analyzing blogs, writing papers on blogs, doing my proposal on blogs and even to an extent of dreaming about them!!! What has gotten in to me?? All I do all day long is write my blog, check my blog, read blogs- my life has revolved around nothing but blogs.

Now stupid MENTION2007 UKM finally sends me a reply on my abstract that i sent 2MONTHS AGO!!!! which they were suppose to reply around June-yes or no! but they didn’t and today=apparently is the closing date, they send me a sweet email saying that they tried to send an email on the 20th of June but it was unsuccessful so they are sending it again today. Oh ya! Did I mention that they accepted the abstract and require me to send the full paper emm…today?????????????and they changed the dates of the conference from September to August! ?Err.. I’m so pissed!I’ll either have to sit my ass down on this chair till the wee hours of tomorrow to complete my “Awakening of Consciousness? The Malaysian Blogosphere and the Public Sphere” to complete it or tell them to go fly kites! For letting me know so late. But rugi osos if I do not present the paper..but kill myself doing it??????????????

Looks like I will have to continue the cycle of EAT SLEEP DRINK THINK DREAM BLOGS 

Ahhhhhhhhhh…..needed to rant!

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