Political Parties Urged to Ban the Players of the Race Game!

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Uncategorized

Not so long ago….

I wrote on Playing the Race Game Yet Again!.

Today, Datuk Dr.Maximus Ongkili was quoted to have suggested that a Code of Ethics shouldn’t just cover leaders of political parties, MPs and state assemblymen, party leaders but “all players and speakers in the field, including rank and file.” He said;

“We must not depend on the Government to enforce such a ban. We are looking into the possibility that the main political bodies be the ones to enforce this code on all their members, whether during private meetings or at annual general assemblies.”

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2007/7/24/nation/20070724193529&sec=nation

Ongkili said that a proposal to introduce code of ethnics had been tabled but had received no feedback so far. He has further added that it was a way so that politicians “would air their views responsibly” rather than fan racial sentiments. I guess that it is necessary despite the fact that at the same time it is absolutely ridiculous. We elect this people to represent the ‘rakyat’ to jaga our well-being and air out issues that concerns the ‘rakyat’ but these same people who represent us need a guideline to teach them what is right and wrong to say, what’s they ought to say what they shouldn’t.. Shouldn’t they know what/how to say it? Aren’t politicians suppose to be the people who are suppose to speak on behalf of the rakyat cause they know HOW TO SAY/ HOW TO AIR things out for the benefit of the ‘rakyat’?

I guess Datuk is right when he says they need a guideline, sometimes is not just about creating racial sentiments but sexist remarks, stupid/idiots comments like China Maid Issue and Dress Code issue (below)

Assemblymen Shabudin Yahaya (BN – Permatang Berangan) and Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (BN – Sungai Dua) blamed women’s provocative dressing for sexual crimes and had called for a dress code to be implemented among women in the country, to ward off sexual offenders. To make matters worse later on he was quoted to have further insulted women with his remarks. ” I am just voicing my personal opinion that women should not dress indecently as this could create lustful feeling in men,”he said . ….[]….
Dress Code? Hell No!!

Sigh…But what can be done? If they do not know how to speak what is left to be done? But makes me think what is the point of electing such people? It’s like taking the stairs instead of the lift…..oh well

Well but its difficult not to play the race card/game when most of the dominant parties are race based??? Hmm……Kinda stupid if you really think about it!


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