Dr. M reckons that there ain’t no Way to Stop em’ Bloggers!!

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Malaysian Blogosphere, Personal ramblings

Dr.M in Malaysia kini reckons that there is no stopping people from using the Internet. We all know he has tried many a time during his reign with not much success ( if you minus all the harrasments on online media). He told Malaysiakini that he had on numerous attempts to try to ban Internet Pornography but it was hardly possible as not all content was Malaysian based as some of the content was overseas-based. Well what would you expect huh with the Internet. It’s a tool that can be accessed from all over the world, what did you expect?I belief that the government has tried and will continue to try to stop bloggers from saying what they want and about but the questions is how far can they effect the bloggers. Dr.M says that there is no stopping bloggers, as t it is impossible. “Yes there is an attempt. But you cannot stop people from using the Internet.” …. [Malaysiakini]In a sense that is true for cyberspace knows no boundaries it stretches miles and miles, its like a big black vast amount of space that can’t be controlled as it just too huge. For you to pick and point, trying to shut it down would be impossible in a sense, you can clampdown on perhaps 1,2 maybe 10-20 bloggers but how are you going to round-up all the bloggers in Malaysia and track what each person is saying? But I worry not so much of the extent of control or action rather the extent of fear and influence of those little actions that they take with the few bloggers like Nat Tan, Malaysia Today, Jeff etc. What if they scare bloggers into self-censorship as they did with the traditional media. If you look back before Operasi Lalang in 1987, newspapers especially The Star reported quite differently as compared to now. Hmm, well as one of Jef’s blog post said that we should not fall for ADS, Attention Diversion Syndrome. “Don’t get sidetracked or your attention diverted. We are still being owed a resolution to protect our citizens from all fears and threats” said Jeff Ooi.


Yes we shouldn’t allow them to bully us into fearing what we blog about until we forget why we even started blogging to began with….


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