Am I next?

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Personal ramblings

My mum was wondering what I’ve been doing with all my time, recently unemployed with nothing much but my part-time studies to fill up my day I’ve been blogging most of the time. I only started my blog 5 days ago and been working hard to maintain it, doing my research and all. Its not really a task I guess cause I’m really into blogging, bloggers, the blogosphere in general and the craze of the new online media. I guess it probably has to do with my research on the Malaysian blogosphere which I recently started but that is hardly the main reason. To tell you the truth I’ve been blogging for quite some time now, not regularly, not successfully as I most often than not encounter problems with my blog (being the techno-dope I am not being able to figure things out much!) Learning though…. As early as mid last year but I didn’t manage to update them enough, link them for I just wanted to write what I wanted without the fear of getting hauled in over what I wrote. After all I’m a small fry, unknown what I say didn’t really matter still I feared as being a communication student I’m very aware of what can happen even though previously wasn’t very politically inclined. Still am not but my blogs kinda state otherwise.

As of late, my blogs have centered on political issues not chosen due to their nature in particular its just I feel so strongly about it and it just happens to be around that kind of stuff. Going back to the story of my mum, well she checked my blog out yesterday and told me she keeps getting into someone else blog. I was shocked as I passed her the link where else could she go? Only later did I realize that my mum was at my blog but thought it was someone blog due to the nature of all the post I have blogged on lately. She told me that she was shocked and doesn’t want me to get involved in all of this cause its dangerous. My dad told her to tell me to complete my studies for he didn’t want to bail me out of jail instead. After talking to my mum, a lengthy debate of course! I told her about the state of things and it was not me being political its just that I crave the freedom that we all deserved. The cover-up, the fear game just had to stop. If we all continued to fear we will suffer in silence. She kind of got what I was trying to say, now she wants to start blogging on her own. She said all the old timers days are gone but we can make a change. Although she didn’t come out and say go get it tiger! It was some sort of support. Am I next? I do not know, I don’t think my post matter much. I do not get that many readers but a part of me does have the fear what if? Well if it does happen to me I will just have to stomach it and hopefully have the courage Nat Tan did! Till then I will blog as I like, responsibly of course! For fear never helped anyone overcome anything!

Blog on….

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