Why does the Citizen Think Tank Relates to Us All?

Posted: July 23, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, Society

So what is this thing I hear about Citizen Think Tank? What is it all about and why does it relate to ordinary citizens like your or me? Well that’s what we are about to find out…

Citizen Think Tan@ CTT

Consisting of 2 major citizen-centric systems we have the

a. Politican Watchdog System (PWS)

b. Citizen Voice System (CVS)

What does the PWC have to do with the CVS you might ask?Created to co-exist it is very interdependent and was created to compliment each other. Through CVS, politician rating basis can be achieved. But what are these 2 system about and how can they operate within Malaysia. This is how it works;


The Politician Watchdog

1. Ability to rate a particular Politician by registering as a member under Politician Watchdog.

* Those who sign up as an online member are referred to as Users while those who assume the role of drivers of CTT will meet the MPs Group. (Now that’s what we are talking about!)

2. Update information about Mps or ADUNs


3. Editors of CTT

– update profiles of politicians

– play an active role in researching Malaysian MPs

– providing rating based on rigor standards

The Citizen Voice

1. Ability to speak up(Yes! Speak up!) on issues affecting you/your community.

* To post an issue you need to sign up as a member in the Citizen Voice.

2. Able to conduct polls to obtain public opinion on issues/ideas you find worth the cause.

3. Submitted issues will be posted online for the public to rate, address the issues and give suggestions.

* If overwhelming response is gained for any particular issue, CTT lobbyist will alert the respective politicians to acknowledge and work on the issue.

Why does it relate to us All?
We/You/Me will be able to;

1. Rate + Review performances of elected representatives

Why? So transparency is alive again! Make them accountable for what they do/say!

2. Voice out + Post Ideas = for? Public Policy Development

Why? Deliberated+discussed+endorsed policies be implemented by government

3. Opportunity to stand for election (Say what???You heard me right!)

Can CTT work and function as it outlines in its website, can it serve its purpose of being a facilitator to enhance democratic practices in Malaysia? Is left to be found out...whether there is praxis to CTT

But as they say if you never take a chance you will never know so let’s combine forces to help CTT bring about positive change in Malaysia. An internet based operation, CTT is hoped to bring about democracy and participatory form of governance by none other than YOU and Me @ commoners@ordinary citizens through power sharing and policy development.

So remember, remember 7.7.7 the day CTT was born and do spread the word around about Citizen Think Thank!

Check out: www.citizenthinktank.com

P.S: This could serve well, as the emancipator y potential revealed for the Internet after all it was said by many scholars to create, enhance democratic practices, let’s hope that this could be it! But let’s not be to idealistic…let’s wait and see






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