Playing the Race Game Yet Again!

Posted: July 22, 2007 in Personal ramblings, Society

According to a report by Bernama, UMNO yesterday staked a claim for the Tapah Parliamentary seat currently held by the MIC for the next election. Look at the full report below to get a glimpse of the race game they continue to play in the plight of the Malays of Tapah when in indeed its their own stand for more power coming their way.

Umno Stakes Claim For Tapah Seat

TAPAH, July 21 (Bernama) — The Tapah Umno Division today staked a claim for the Tapah parliamentary seat, now held by the MIC, in the next general election.

Its chief, Datuk Samsudin Abu Hassan, said at the divisional delegates meeting that 69 of the 84 branches of the division had resolved that the seat be allotted to Umno and the MIC be given another seat.

There is no ill-intention in our request and it is not that we do not understand the social contract but this is the desire of the Malays of Tapah who lag behind in economic development,” he said.

Samsudin, who is the State Assemblyman for Ayer Kuning — a seat in the Tapah parliamentary constituency, said the Tapah seat was allotted to the MIC in the 1982 general election on the assumption that it would be temporary.

The Tapah seat is now held by MIC Vice-President Datuk S. Veerasingam.


The report clearly shows how the race game has begin to start again. Shouldn’t the parties be worried about the plights of the Tapah-ians on the whole rather than particularly picking or isolated one race over another? They allotted? Hmm… it’s getting clear each day, who is the the boss! So MIC time for you to stand off and bow down as the games begin once again. Ok, just one seat after all we can compremise you might say but for how long??? Is this truly a cooperation? Let’s look at the coalition concept of sharing shall we?

Coalition –concept of cooperation and sharing-power.

But according to to Tajol Rosli;

The concept of power sharing and social contract are the reasons why Barisan Nasional gave up the Malay-majority Tapah parliamentary seat to the MICResponding to a resolution by Tapah Umno division for the constituency to be returned to Umno, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali said he had expected the topic to be hotly debated by delegates of the division.

“Personally, I can understand the feelings of the division members especially when there are far more Malay voters in the constituency,” he said when opening the Tapah Umno division meeting here yesterday.

But it is inappropriate for me to put aside the concept of power sharing and the social contract agreed to by the various races.”


So again Malaysia is not about the Malaysian community’ s plight its not about MALAYSIANS its about Chinese, Indian, Malays and the other races individually. Its a concept inherited from the British rule, divide and rule. Something that never left our soils when the British returned home, how sad for us? So each time is election time you and I are separated by the boundaries of race merely for a vote and when it comes to election voting, we are united (UMNO+MIC+MCA) despite actually championing for our individual races but still we are under one umbrella right? Come on… Then when the election is over, mate your on your own. Each for its own.

Malaysians out there. They do it each time to us especially nearing election time. Wake up! We truly need an awakening of consciousness for most of us are not awake! They are trying to divide us by race, how can we be united if we keep falling into the same pit!

With the race game being played all around not just by the BN but also the opposition I wonder what’s the point of voting? Who shall I vote for? When both have disturbing notions of gaining votes by race and race alone because hell it works! So tell me then what’s the big deal about Malaysia? What’s the point of boasting us as a united nation superficially when indeed we are far from it? The raw truth is we are divided, we are not a united community perhaps a controlled one.


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