Blog Forum “Friend or Foe” 2pm today

Posted: July 22, 2007 in Education, Event

Friends or Foe” blog forum will be held today at 2pm.The Anwar Ibrahim Club AIC with the cooperation of Blog Bugs under its sponsors Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The Internet community is invited to join this event. A certificate of participation will be provided and entry to the event is free for all!

Forum on Blogs “Friends or Foe”

Date : 22 July 2007
Day : Today, Sunday
Time: 2 pm

Location: Shah’s Village Hotel PJ (sebelah A&W, PJ)
Near LRT Taman Jaya

Panel of speakers :
1. Soon Li Tsin

2. Jemeriah Foo (

3. sultanmuzaffar (

Food and drinks will be provided.

Organized by the AIC and Blogs Bugs

Sponsored by:
Friedrich Naumann Foundation

For further information please call Rahimi Osman at 012-2676500

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