Stupidity bearing its front -“Islamic state debate”

Posted: July 20, 2007 in Freedom of Speech, Society

Debate on the Islamic state started off by the top guns of the country (Pak Lah, Najib)will be banned on the mainstream media -a directive from the Internal Security Ministry.

Aren’t you glad we have blogs??? For now at least

Internal Security Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit senior officer Che Din Yusof told

malaysiakini that they are afraid that allowing such discussions would cause “tension”.Yes we have given the directive to all mainstream newspapers. Islam is a sensitive issue. They cannot publish any news on whether the country is secular or Islam. “Stop harping on this. The debate would never end,” he asserted when contacted todayStop harping bloggers! Just sit down keep quit and accept things as it is .After all we do the rakyat doesn’t know any better we need to be told what to do by the government. I’m suprised that in this day and age they are still trying to use to developmental model- to control for the development of the country.

But when did it stop being for the development of the country and more for the development of self?

Errr!!! So they think! But heck we (bloggers)all know that we won’t just keep quite. Everything apparently causes tension in the country. What are theY so worried about? I think the Malaysian people are civil enough to discuss matters in a rational matter without causing further problems. I belief their worries lies within themselves but unfortunately we all get thrown into it.

I guess that is the problem with Malaysia. Whenever there is an issue that the ‘rakyat’ are not comfortable about, their solution isn’t to resolve it but to just sweep it under the carpet hoping that it will go away. But come on, we are living in reality, life does not work in that manner!

Malaysia is suppose to be a democratic country? Can someone tell me which part I’m confused! All I see is authoritarianism rule!

They refuse to discuss matters! They refuse to acknowledge that the ‘rakyat’ have brains to think! They refuse to trust their own ‘rakyat’! They refuse to allow critical debate! How can they expect students to learn critical thinking ???What is left to be said???

Malaysia oh malaysia, the land of so much potential. When will you wake up and smell the fresh flowers? When will you realize your true potential? 😦

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  1. Noscere says:

    Stop harping on? Bloggers being quiet? now there is a novel concept lol.
    Just imagine it, all the bloggers in the world stopped and were “quiet” Then the “Lost revenue bill” arrives on the doorstep of who ever told us to be quiet. And as for The Internal Security Ministry telling all main stream media to not publish anything on whether Malaysia is Islamic or not… Why? What are they hiding?

    Disclaimer: The author of this Blog can not be held liable in any way for any comments posted by any 3rd party. lol

  2. […] Stupidity bearing its front -”Islamic state debate” Debate on the Islamic state started off by the top guns of the country (Pak Lah, Najib)will be banned on the mainstream […] […]

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