Getting Rid of the “Over-time Parking Jaga@parasites”

Posted: July 20, 2007 in Personal ramblings, Society

This is not the first time I have encountered the famous over-time parking jaga@parasites… Let me just briefly describe to you my encounter with this nuisance, that I like to refer to as over-time parking jaga. Before I elaborate further let me explain who this O-T Parking Jaga are…

Look for this characteristics to help you identify the O-T Parking Jaga;

1. Lurks around parking spots after the normal parking times have expired

2.Usually spotted around midnight and later hours

3. Can be located at nightclubs, beaches, nasi kandar outlets areas

4. Might be spotted on a motorbike rounding around the area like hardworking night patrol(sadly it isn’t the case!)

5. Do not supply you with a resit, demand cash at a normal parking spot ranging from RM1-5 depending on the area

6. Prefer to intimidate women especially those in smaller groups or alone

7.They work in groups

Why the name O-T Parking Jaga?

Because they are obviously working over-time! Come on! It’s almost midnight and they are circling the surrounding areas with their motorbikes or by foot taking parking fees from those visiting the areas they “jaga”. They’jaga’ the area by taking the fees according to their whims and fancies without any legal resit or even right to be collecting any fees. I hardly think they own the land surrounding this areas and have legal rights to even be harassing the ‘rakyat’!

They are like dwellers of the night. They actually remind me of those gangster times that collect protection money. But the question is why are people even bothering to pay them if they are not right in the eyes of the law?

Why? Because…

1. They threaten to cause harm (your alone perhaps or your in small numbers)- some of them are drunk, some are drug addicts…

2. They threaten to damage your car- scratch it, puncture the tire etc

Now the ultimate question that I’ve been burning to ask!!! What’s the police role in this? Ahh, you might think poor cops they might not even know of the existence of such a syndicate or operation. I beg to differ! On one of my outings to the beach, I remember parking my vehicle near the Tanjung Bunga, Penang beach area close to the public beach around the Paradise, Crown hotel area. Later on the way back those O-T Parking Jaga came and harass me! Me being the person who does not believe in being intimidated take my vehicle and shoot off with my friend riding of course. This O-T Parking Jaga started chasing us and throwing stones, even a dog came after us in the following chase. My heart was beating so fast I thought that it might just leap out! After we left the area we were lucky enough to pass by some policemen patrolling close by and told them of the incident. They did not take us very seriously and when we left we saw them just go about their business. On other encounters me and my friend just drive away from the area and park somewhere else or decide to change venues of our meetings. I belief that we should not live our lives around the likes of this parasites!

What I do not understand is how come there is no enforcement officers picking up this sort of people when they continue to harass visitors to these places. To say that they do not know will mean they are ignorant and not capable of doing their job. I do not see why our hard earn money has to fall to the hands of these people who do not even own the area but are sucking up the wealth of it just because no one dares to fight back and just accept is as the way things are! Practically every day we have to face this sort of people with no choice but to succumb to their wishes. Where are the police? Aren’t they suppose to protect people? I see them patrolling waiting at traffic lights for someone to cross the lights and get something out of it , stopping vehicles at certain points perhaps for driving too fast and other issues. Why don’t they bother about this O-T Parking Jaga? Do they want to wait till the days comes when one of us refuses to pay and gets hurt???

Will this rodents be rid of? Will they ever stop sucking blood from the “rakyat”?


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