Say it like it is…

Posted: July 19, 2007 in Personal ramblings

That same night I heard that Nat Tan had been arrested I could not sleep….not even a wink. Was I scared? Was I worried as I was also a blogger.Frankly speaking the thought never came to my mind, at that point anyway. All I thought in my mind was idiots…I was appalled by the lack of justice…appalled by their ignorant behavior..appalled that I lived in a country that was so shallow minded at times, appalled that persecution was happening at this day and age!! Just appalled. All night I thought of what could be done, I had no idea that the blogosphere would react the way it did. It was truly amazing to see people from all walks of blogs come together for one purpose..for Nat. It wasn’t just those bloggers who blogged on politics, socio-economic stuff but all sorts …. the vigils…the letters..The petition…the constant news on Nat on numerous website throughout the blogosphere and at that moment I felt real good. I felt that things are not so bad after all caused people cared, people bothered..people walked out of their own comfort zone to help in one way or another. I knew at that point that their scare them off tactics would not work as efficiently as it had in the past for bloggers are willing to fight back. As I blog and put up post on Nat, my parents continue to worry(they do not realize that im a small fry only..) that I’d end up in the same position if I do not watch it..Surprisingly despite how scary it probably would be or even the thought of it I don’t care…I just want to blog and say it like it is…whether they like it or not..

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