the BLaMing gaME!

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

The China Maid issue came up recently when certain quarters were recorded to have recommended a ban on China maids due to the increasing problems they caused especially concerning the break-down of marriages. A politican even went so far to recommending that those who want to employ maids try to choose the less attractive ones as compared to the more attractive ones which might pose problems to the marriages of the parties concerned.  Maids from different quarters of the world were compared on a scale of beauty and their potential threat to the issue at hand.

What I frankly don’t get is why the hell do we need to blame the China maids beauty etc for the problems of a household? Why blame the maids? The parties concerned should probably start at their own backyard before pointing fingers at others. Malaysia sure has a way of making headlines around the world for their stupid comments and notions of what ought to be. Why not for a change blame the husbands for not being able to keep themselves off these women? We most often that not blame others for our problems when the solution lies not so far away from home. If a man is going to stray he will, it won’t matter whether you have a China maid,an Indonesian maid for it could be straying with his boss, his colleagues, his ex-gf…the list goes on. So what’s next banning working after certain hours? banning certain professions? not allowing companies to hire attractive women? Err!

So women stop making a fool of yourselves by covering up and putting blame on others when the fault lies in the husbands that are not able to uphold the commitments of their marriage. The husbands concern are adults, old enough to make the proper judgements and decide between right and wrong. After all it takes two to clap….And for the smart person who told these parties not to choose attractive women, please do not put your foot in your mouth!

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