Nat is FINALLY FREE…for now anyway

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Nat Free !


From the wealth of information carried by the Malaysian blogosphere it was reported that Nat tan was finally released today but will have to go the commercial crime division on the 31th of July 2007. So far that is all that I have gathered from the blogosphere. The atmosphere of the Malaysian blogosphere is wonderful, with well wishers and strong supporters of the freedom of expression.

This are the words uttered from brave Nat to the press prior to this release;

Saya berasa semangat and menguatkan azam untuk menegakkan keadilan untuk semua. I’ve been teaching the inmates how to sing reformasi songs. If they think they can get to PKR or activists by bullying a skinny young fella, mereka sudah salah anggap. Saya amat berterima kasih kepada keluarga yang dikasihi, Li Tsin yang disayangi, rakan-rakan aktivis dan rakan-rakan di Malaysia dan di luar negara.


He added that bloggers and activists will not bow down to any intimidating tactics by the police.

Bloggers unite

I’m really sorry but I do not have much time to blog today so just a little update on what’s happening with Nat.. blog more tomorrow. Please refer to, or even for more updated news on Nat.


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