Dress Code? Hell No!!

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Society

Assemblymen Shabudin Yahaya (BN – Permatang Berangan) and Datuk Jasmin Mohamed (BN – Sungai Dua) blamed women’s provocative dressing for sexual crimes and had called for a dress code to be implemented among women in the country, to ward off sexual offenders. To make matters worse later on he was quoted to have further insulted women with his remarks. ” I am just voicing my personal opinion that women should not dress indecently as this could create lustful feeling in men,”he said. What the hell is wrong with this people??? What makes them think that the way women dress justifies the behavior of an offender,sexy or not. So what’s next?They might suggest a ruling for all women in the country to cover up or wear sacks in order to discourage men from feeling lustful. That is totally crappy and uncalled for. Not too long ago we had the “bocor” incident and now we have yet another issue that is testing the patience of many people not just women but the public alike. These comments and statements just blurted out by these people are not only sexist but has stupid written all over it.Living in the 21st century one wonders how these assemblymen can come up with such statements. Its extremely narrow minded and belittling to say such things. Thank god for Jawi assemblywoman Tan Cheng Liang that responded to these assemblymen with her stand on a no no for dress codes. What’s next? They might start telling women where to go and what to do. You would think that this assemblymen would be wise enough not to put their foot in their mouth and for a change actually think before they utter such stupidity but hell you can expect much from people who blame the crimes or faults of others on the victims, can you? For the suggestion of a dress code to even be uttered is ridiculous, its baffling what is discussed among this assemblymen when they should be more focused on making society better rather than blaming them for everything. God help us all, with this sort of people supposedly playing a part in Malaysian politics is a wonder how the country is going to continue to actually develop. What’s the point of development if it is only physical?

  1. […] I guess Datuk is right when he says they need a guideline, sometimes is not just about creating racial sentiments but sexist remarks, stupid/idiots comments like China Maid Issue and Dress Code issue (below) […]

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