Critical thinking..please..

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

The Star, Saturday 26 May 2007 quoted Syed Husin Ali of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) saying “The minds of the people have been “stunted and crippled” so much that they can no longer think critically”. The education that is being dished out to our children and possibly of future generation is disappointing. But isn’t this something that has been going on like forever? Why is it that such conditions or situation are only recognized and brought up when it close to election time? Isn’t merely a ploy to pull voters to vote for the more liberal minded party or person? I ain’t supporting any party by saying PKR or BN but my worry is that this is yet another ploy to fish for votes. After the elections are over, everyone will forget that it was even as an issue.Doesn’t that happen all the time?

Our whole education system which is exams based does not promote growth of mind or character but merely teaches students to copy and paste, memorize and basically spit out everything during exams. Why is that so? Isn’t easier to mold students who can’t think for themselves? Isn’t much easier to tell them what they ought to do? Why are we churning out robot like students you can do anything unless told, unless they are directed? It isn’t all that complicated after all. We often do not realize but such characters or shall I say robot like students are easier to govern for they have to passion or imagination. I myself find this very disturbing as I’m an educator and I find my students so blend, unable to think for themselves. They wait for their teachers, lecturers to tell them, to basically spoon-feed them. It’s not so much that they are lazy but more so that they are so used to this routine, so used to be told what to do that they are not capable of thinking or doing things for themselves.

It’s sad to see students that are unable to fend for themselves. I find myself sometimes having to be the odd one out cause I do not spoon-feed my students instead I force them to think . At first, it is hard for them to stomach my sort of teaching, they aren’t used to fending for themselves, it’s difficult not to have hand-outs after you are taught by the system that it is the way. But soon enough, they learn. They actually learn slowly but surely. When they learn, they actually remember what has been taught not by memorizing but through understanding,

Critical thinking is something that needs to be taught for students at a young age from the time they can walk and talk not years later when they already grown. It’ s difficult to change the way people think, their mindset after such a long time of it being in-grained into their skulls. But when we live in a country like this, you kind of have too no matter at what age. So when I teach my students, I try to instill in them as much as I can.

What the country should stop doing is procrastinating and actually doing something about it. Fine, if PKR wants to talk about Critical Thinking, for heaven sakes try to do something about it. Rather than continue to procrastinate take some sort of action, I couldn’t be bothered if PKR, BN or DAP took the action to change things. Please wake up and realize before we have a whole generation of robot like youngsters who will initially govern our country.


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