Choose wisely…

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Education

Just a couple of days ago in the news we hear of ministers asking students not to rely on political parties, the big guns so to speak to get their appeals pushed through as they are old enough …etc Furthermore students were advised to just take whatever courses they got and keep quiet for they should be thankful for what they got after-all some people did not even get a chance. Blah..blah

I’m currently still attached to a local university, unlike most of my friends I was one of the lucky ones, I got the exact course I wanted and went on to university, had the time of my life and graduated with honors. We are often advising our younger siblings, cousin, friends that are deciding their future studies or careers how important it is to choose a course you not only like and enjoy but your capable of doing. I mean its no point of dreaming of doing medicine when you can’t even pass your chemistry or biology or trying to do mass communication when you lack the skills to either write or speak.

But when university intakes are out, most parties are advising students to blindly take whatever courses that they are offered to avoid giving more problems to the government and their parents alike with appeals or hassle of changing courses. Some officials are also boasting that loans from PTPN allow students to get financial assistance to study the courses they want from colleges around the country. Come on, I worked in a private college, the way things works over there makes me disgusted over what has happened in our education system. Most private colleges only foster for those who can afford it with no care in the world for excellence in education. While local institutions are mostly bothered about the color of skin of their students.. So what do students do then? Those who are poor, those who have the intelligence but no means? Those who are rejected by PTPN ? Those who can’t afford high range courses but have the brains???

Let me tell you something from my own experience, despite doing the course I wanted, I got into the wrong major. When I wanted to change my major and approached the vice dean of my school who advised me to just go on with my major to avoid the hassle etc. Lucky for me I didn’t allow my dislike for my major to interupt my abilities to do well in my course and graduated despite it all.

But here I am despite a major in Persuasive@PublicRelations, doing subjects and being involved in fields that most often then not lead me to the field of journalism. My first job was in the Public Relations department in a hotel by the beach. Everytime I did my job, I dealt with a lot of journalist and people from the journalism field. At times I did some journalistic work like interviews and features that were eventually sent to journalist that in turn published them in their own names. I felt lost, I wanted to write but here I was in a PR department. I went through a few jobs that I felt was not challenging enough for me. Finally I secured a writer position at a publishing company that I loved but they payed me measly wages of RM1,200 for a 7-day work. Despite not officially working on Saturdays and Sundays I was working around the clock with no benefits of making any claims. But I stayed cause I love the job scope and eventually I left as the money I was making did not even meet my monthly bills and my next job was when I found my true calling, a lecturer. Through this position I was not only able to write but speak, learn and teach all at the same time!

What I’m trying to say is that it is really very crucial to choose to correct course, major etc so that you will not end up searching and searching for who or what you want to me out there in the working world. For people do not take kindly to those who are still searching for their niche in the working world *hell your suppose to already know your footing by then*

That is one issue that I wanted to address but another issue that I strongly feel on is the issue of transparency when it comes to selecting students that qualify to enter university. When the word transparency is uttered, I feel that it is a whole big cover-up so that the government, education department and relevant authorities can save face. How can you explain how a student who doesn’t meet the mark and have poor grades get a place when you have another student whose grades far surpass the average grades but end of being shunned of the opportunity? They say that the quota system does not exist but how can you explain certain races being able to get into university despite lower grades..much much lower when those who excel are being turned down. Merit is what we go by they claim but from testimonials of students and parents I’ve met over the years it seems hardly true. So when transparency is uttered as the method when choosing and selecting students the only thing I feel like doing is laughing for its just a huge cover-up for me! No matter what they say we all know how the system works and how it will continue to work for quality as usual is not what they long for, nope….they are more worried about other issues that for me is hardly a reason to shun potential students.


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