Bumi Contractors Have A bar??? lolz

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Uncategorized

I was rather shocked when I read the newspapers in the evening today. A news piece by Ian McIntyre truly opened my eyes to the idiosyncrasies that continue to exist in this land we call home. The government in his report has claimed to have raised the bar whereby bumis are to be placed in various classes due to the constant problems of leakages and shoddy workmanship in public buildings. Damn, I didn’t even realize such a thing of classes existed in this line of work, I mean education is something which is openly known by most of us (either that or I’m really ignorant ( ) The whole quota system in the education field is something I have come to terms with despite the whole cover of meritocracy system that supposedly doesn’t work in that manner. But classes in terms of contract work and all that? Correct me if I’m wrong for I’m not a whiz in this sort of field and my knowledge of this field is no doubt growing but still in infant stages.

The call for quality control when it comes to building is being raised but of course as they say it not a reactive move towards the constant cases surrounding leakages and lousy workmanship. How far we can believe that I dare not comment. Isn’t it a little late to be calling for quality control? Why is it something drastic has to happen before anyone realizes what is occurring? Is it just our homeland or does this condition exist elsewhere? When will we realize that quality should come first in every single thing that we do, when will we realize that the color of our skin doesn’t matter, when will we realize that everyone is equal, when will we realize …..


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