Bahasa what??

Posted: July 18, 2007 in Education

Is it just me or is it pretty familiar for the citizen of Malaysia to constantly hear about change of rules, systems, criteria and others especially when it come to our system of education? While I was growing up, the constant changes in the education system ranging from the change from 4-5 subjects for the UPSR  in 199o, a year after I sat for my UPSR till the recent changes of the SPM grading system to the STPM grading systems truly amazes me. Even when I went to university in 2002, they changed the quota system which should have been beneficial providing it was actually carried out without bias but as we all know that’s not really how things work over here in Malaysia especially when it comes to the education system.Now yet another thing is being changed in our system in Malaysia, something that I hardly consider important enough to be changed. Bahasa Melayu is being changed to Bahasa Malaysia all in the name of unity. I’m pretty surprised and am wondering the true motives of this change. After almost 10 years, why has the Cabinet decided to change the name? Does it truly make a citizen feel a sense of belonging as stated by the Minister of Information, Datuk Seri Zainuddin? I hardly think so. What justifies the change to the original term?

Why? Why? Why?

There are so many things that need to be answered. Why does the Cabinet make such decisions? It is as though the country is a football field where the ball is kicked around as and when they like. New minister? Oh, new ideas and new opinions let just change the whole education system because we feel like it, hey we are in power. Why not? Well, let’s just see how long Bahasa Malaysia stays and if it actually promotes national unity and makes us feel a sense of belonging. I seriously doubt it, but hell, who am I?


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